Our Business

Our primary business is to provide fast, easy to use and safe plumbing and sanitary installation products and solutions. Specializing on one field allows our organization to streamline process, optimize resources and stay at the forefront of industry develovements.
This focus enables us to better understand customer needs, offer tailored solutions, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.
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  • Foster good business relationship & commitment to customers
  • Deliver quality products on time, the first time and every time


  • Train and invest in upgrading job skills and help staffs develop to their full potential
  • Build an environment that motivates work qualities and job excellence
  • Recognize and reward strong performers


  • Inculcate a strong spirit of teamwork among workers and staff
  • Uphold personal responsibilities

Corporate Strategy

Product quality and reliability will continue to be the key thrust and focus of our performance objective as we forge an effective partnership with our customers. We will continue to:

  • Expand and strengthen the pool of skill staff and workers through skill upgrade and training.
  • Create an environment that rewards strong performance.
    Build a strong branding that enhance our corporate image and serve our business objectives
  • Harness and leverage on new technology and IT capabilities to support business strategy, improve productivity and operational efficiency
  • Organize and restructure the local Training Centre to serve its training objectives and meet the long term business strategy