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Rehau PINC - Push In. Connect.

Rautitan PEX Pipe

RAUTITAN pipes are made from high density cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa). The cross linking process causes the individual polyethylene molecules to bond in a three-dimensional network creating a tough and durable pipe with superior strength and quality.

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Rapiano Plus PP Waste Water System

The connections between the polypropylene pipes and fittings shall be of leak-proof push-fit socket connection with SBR sealing ring inserted in the fitting. The connections shall be able to allow flexibility in case of thermal expansion.

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Polypropylene Random-Copolymer (PP-R) System with Homogeneous Jointing Technology for Plumbing Applications in DIN 8077/78 and ISO 15874

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Rehau Hybrid

The REHAU Hybrid system combines the key strengths of the PEX and PP-R systems into a comprehensive plumbing system (16-110mm) delivering greater security, higher speed and better flow, at a price that delivers value to contractors and owners alike

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Rautitan Gate Valve

RAUTITAN gate valves are featured with unique REHAU compression sleeve connection joint that can create a permanently sealed to our PEX pipes. The RAUTITAN compression sleeve joint is a simple, robust and reliable connection.

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