Cherne Testing Equipment

Cherne Testing Equipment

Air-Loc® Pressure Testing System

The Cherne Air-Loc® Low Pressure Air-Testing System has been successfully used for testing sewer pipe installations for over 40 years. This method of testing pipelines has proven to be the fastest, most economical and accurate method of testing pipe. It allows you to perform tests as prescribed by ASTM C 828, C 924, and F 1417.

Air-Loc® Plugs

  • Air-Loc Leak Locator Plugs are designed for both low-pressure sewer line acceptance tests as well as leak location testing
  • Color coded inflation ports match hose and panel of Air-Loc system
  • Flexible internal hoses and air fittings make these plugs the best in the business

Air-Loc® Conversion Kit Features:

  • Converts Muni-Ball® plugs to air test plugs
  • Available for line acceptance and/or leak location tests

Equipped with:

  • Colored discs coded to hose connections
  • Conversion set up instructions

Hi-Flow™ Air-Loc® Panel

Panel includes gauges to monitor compressor pressure, plug pressure and test pressure, all in a sturdy steel case with a durable powder-coat enamel finish. Panel also has regulators to control plug and test pressure.

Panel can be used with either ⁄₈” or ¾” fill hose, accomplished by simply turning a valve. Panel is designed to work with air compressors fitted with either crow’s foot or standard quick disconnect fittings

Cherne Testing Equipment Panel
Cherne Testing Equipment Triplehose

Triple Hose

The 3/8″ diameter hose assembly is used to connect the Air-Loc Panel to the front plug. Triple hose is colour-coded, making connections easy to understand. Hose features locking quick disconnects for convenience and safety. Hose also includes strain relief to protect hose and connections from damage.

Hi-Flow™ Triple Hose available with ¾ blue test pressure hose for quick exhausting

Smoke Blower Features:

  • Effectively identifies inflow
  • For use with traditional smoke bombs or liquid smoke
  • Available with Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Generates up to 3,769 cubic feet per minute of air flow
  • Made of lightweight, cast aluminum

Equipped with:

  • ½” foam cell gasket to ensure a leak-free seal on manholes and minimize vibration
  • Smoke bomb box holder (traditional smoke blower only)
  • Pressurized tank, hose and all necessary components (liquid smoke blower only)

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