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Test Pumps: Clog Buster

A) Air-Max™ Pro HV Test Pump
• Larger barrel diameter – fewer strokes per inflation
• Contoured solid wood handle
• Forged steel construction for extra toughness
• Gauge with molded rubber cover
• Traditional metal thumb lock
• 3′ hose with strain-relief
• Product Weight: 6.25 lbs (2.83 kg)

B) Econ-O-Pump™ Test Pump
• Solid wood handle
• Traditional thumb lock
• 140 PSI high-pressure gauge with protective cover
• All steel construction with cast iron base
• Product Weight: 1 lb (.45 kg)

C) Clog Buster® Drain Flusher
• Unclogs drain pipes in seconds
• Simply remove aerator from spigot of faucet and attach faucet adapter
• Attaches to standard ¾” garden hose fitting
• Insert clog buster as far as possible into drain and slowly turn on the cold water – clog should dislodge almost immediately
• Eliminates need for using chemicals

D) Manometer
• Used for testing gas lines and DWV pipe
• Measures water columns from 0″ to 16″
• Reads in increments of 1/10″
• Product Weight: .5 lb (.23 kg)

Point Repair Carrier

Cherne’s point repair carriers are well-suited for most point repair systems. Available for pipe sizes 4″ to 12″, Cherne’s carriers are known for both their durability and reliability. Custom lengths are available upon request.

Features for all sizes:
• Made of aramid corded natural rubber: extremely durable and flexible
• Flexible: All units can fold in half for transport
• ¼” NPT Inflation Port with male quick disconnect for ease of connection

Features on 6″-10″ and 8″-12″:
• Integrated cage/wheel assembly for ease of movement down the pipe
• Bypass design allows sewage bypass during repair
• Unique centered inflation port for use with push rod inflation poles
• Wire harness keeps unit centered in pipe
• 2″ bypass allows for continuous sewer flow

Cherne Tools - Point Repair
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Tub Waste & Overflow Plugs

• Isolate bath waste for air/water testing
• Yellow ABS plastic
• Natural rubber gasket
• Threads into drain spuds with center hole and center hole overflow elbows
• Can only be used in overflow drains with ½” and 1/8″ center hole diameters

Poly-Lift Line with Gauge

• Dampened gauge: helps prevent “peg-out” damage
• Heavy-duty rubber gauge cover protects gauge face
• 3/8″ ID hose for quick inflate/deflate
• Quick-dump valve for easy deflation
• Quick disconnect design for easy installation
• Designed for use with plugs with removable
• inflator valve and eye bolt

Extension/Inflation Hoses with Gauge

• Well suited for plugs up to 15″
• 0-100 PSIG gauge
• 3/16″ ID hose:

Replacement Ring & Chain Assembly

• Prevents Test-Ball® plugs from falling down a line
• Includes safety tag

Dual Inflation Hose

•Designed for large diameter multi-size plugs (15″-30″ to 54″-96″)
• 0-60 psi gauge with high impact resistant cover
• ¾” inflation line with ⁄₈” read-back hose
• Dual hose assembly helps prevent gauge “peg-out”/flutter
• Quick disconnect fittings
• Quick dump valve on ¾” hose to speed up deflation

Extension/Inflation Hoses

• Well suited for plugs up to 15″
• 3/16″ ID hose

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